Serum SBC

Serum SBC is intended to be use to clean interior surfaces of structures being closed for months with- out any type of air conditioning. The mold and mildew that form on the surfaces is referred to as “Mold Bloom”. This “Bloom” is the result of temperature and moisture levels high enough to allow surface mold and mildew to grow while the structure is closed for long periods. Serum SBC is designed to wet out the surface, lift the organics off the surface, emulsify and suspend the organics in the SBC liquid to allow it to be easily wiped off the surface. Serum SBC will remove all the dust, dirt and organic con- tamination as well as kill the odor associated with the original mold and mildew growth. It will also tend to bleach any stains that the mold and mildew leave behind. After using Serum SBC, the space will have none of the original odor. It will smell fresh and clean.



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