HydraMaster DriMaster - Hand/Upholstery Tool

The DriMaster Upholstery Tool uses revolutionary Jetless Cleaning Technology to clean upholstery faster, drier and better than ever before with no over-wetting, no heat loss, and no operator fatigue.

Clean upholstery with no over-wetting or heat loss!

Rather than a spray jet, the DriMaster releases solution in a constant, concentrated stream that powers through soil quickly, leaving behind virtually no residual moisture. The result: no over-wetting or overspray to clean up and no going back for a dry pass. In fact, the DriMaster leaves fabrics 50% drier than conventional upholstery tools.

Plus, the DriMaster's jetless design prevents heat loss, so you always have the hottest possible cleaning solution hitting the fabric for optimum cleaning performance.

And the DriMaster is packed with features that prevent operator fatigue: a comfortable handgrip, no trigger valve for less hand strain, plus its lightweight and always cool to the touch.

No trigger valve for less hand strain No heat loss from atomizing solution Lightweight with comfortable handgrip High flow/low residual moisture super cleaning shears away soil Cool to the touch Durable - virtually unbreakable Low profile design fits in tight spots

Handle is Optional

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