Dri-Eaz Studebaker AirPath

Dry carpets and hard surface floors with the same powerful unit. The AirPath includes locking wheel casters to stay firmly in place when drying hard surface floors in minutes not hours. With a patented 360 outlet grill design, the AirPath pulls warm, dry air from above and directs it across the entire surface of the floor at once up to 12 feet in all directions.

Simply place in the center of a room and lock in place to dry carpet, tile, vinyl or hard-wood floors faster than ever. This machine saves time and increases productivity. Use the AirPath to dry carpets or hard surface floors quickly after cleaning up leaks and spills. Simply switch on the AirPath to either a high or low setting and then leave it to work while you move onto your next task.


* Uniformly directs air across floor
* High velocity 40 mph airflow
* Patented 360 outlet grill design
* 1HP Motor with 2-speed switch
* Highly portable with locking wheel casters
* Stackable rotomolded housing
* 1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor, Lifetime Warranty on rotomolded housing

  • Model: F377

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